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Making Money With PPD + Youtube, 50$/day

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Making Money With PPD + Youtube, 50$/day

Post by Bazda on Tue Jun 04, 2013 8:50 pm

1. You will need an PPD site. I'm using Fileice/Sharecash/Cleanfiles since they pay INSTANT.

2. You will need a VPN to be able to create YouTube phone verify accounts.

3. Now one of the more important thing you need is a niche. You can either do fake content or legit content.

If you do fake content be sure your videos will get flagged and take down, but same thing will happen with legit content as competitors will flag your videos just to get you out of business, mean people I know, but you just need to keep focus and keep uploading videos daily.

Here are some good niches from top of my head:
Microsoft points generator
PSNetworks codes
Itunes codes
Xbox live generator
beta keys

Another good way to find niches is going to YouTube or Google and type "Download" while the instant search is turn on. It will drop a list of keywords. Those keywords are what people are currently looking for.

Basically is a game or system have virtual currency you can do a fake generator using Visual Basics. Just search on YouTube for "Visual Basics tutorials." If you are going to use fake content be sure your videos look legit. Each time I create a video I use real working codes so people see my generator is really working. You can either steal videos from YouTube or create your own using Camtasia. I prefer to create my own videos that way it looks how I want it.

4. Once you upload your video to YouTube, now is time to rank it so people will see your video. I won't share how I rank my videos but I will share a few tips.

- Throw some fake comments on your videos. "Thanks it works" "wow this is working real good" etc
- Throw some likes with youlikehits and similar sites.
- Same some views with Vagex,u2bviews, shareyoutubevideos, etc

5. Beside ranking you can also promote your videos on Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo Answers , and any other blog or forum. To promote on Facebook just look for pages within your niche and make post like "Guys these people are giving "niche" on YouTube link". Yahoo answer just answer people who are looking for what your video is about and for Twitter just reply to people who are mentioning your niche in their tweets.

That is all. Follow those steps and you will make money guaranteed. As I said I only have around 6-8 videos making me $10-20 on autopilot. Im not uploading more videos because I'm currently working on some biggest projects, but I will try to upload a new video daily to keep increasing those earnings. with 50 videos you could easily hit $100-200 depending on what niches you choose.
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