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10$ per day / 300$ per month - No effort - 5 minutes a day, Easy

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10$ per day / 300$ per month - No effort - 5 minutes a day, Easy

Post by Bazda on Sat Jun 01, 2013 4:30 am

Now with RedGage, you can earn an unlimited amount of money per day, depending on how many slots you have on HitLeap! Even with the free 3 slots you will earn more than 10$ per day.

Let's get to the point: 15 minutes of set up, and 5 minutes of work every day, will net you over 10$ per day. Just ten steps.
1. Join Hitleap

2. Join RedGage

3. Join Blogger]

4. Go to HitLeap, log in, click on traffic exchange and Start Traffic Exchange. Now just leave your PC on. I estimate the earnings to be around 40c per hour. Not much, but if you leave your PC on 24 hours a day, there is your 10$ per day, with no effort. Meanwhile carry on with the guide. Don't forget to enable all bonuses in the Traffic Exchange page (installing two addons) to get the full 65% rate!

5. Create a blog on Blogger. No matter the name.

6. Create a new post on your blog. Enter a title, but nothing in the main text.

7. When you have enough minutes earned, go to HitLeap and click My Websites. use the blog post you created as your address. Allocate 15 seconds to each view and choose 75 views per hour. Click submit.

8. Refresh the page every minute or so. When your site is no longer marked as (Being Reviewed), proceed to the next step.

9(Optional). If you want to invest a little bit of money, buy more slots or view packs. For just 15€, for example, you can buy 100.000 views, to get back over 60$! A worthwhile investment! Or you can buy 10 more website slots for just 4€, to make money even faster. You can invest nothing at all and still earn loads of money. You choose! It's completely optional to invest money, and you can make 10$/day without investing anything at all!

10. Upload a low resolution photo, (you can also upload a piece of text, or a link) to RedGage. Any photo will do, any photo of yours or a low resolution free photo you find on the net. Just log in and click "Upload".

Then, go to blogger.com, log in, edit your post. Now paste this code, but don't save yet:
<img src="BBB" />

<a href="AAA"> AAA </a>

<meta http-equiv="REFRESH" content="0;url=AAA ">

Now, in RedGage, go to Profile, and click your newly uploaded photo. Copy the page URL in your address bar, and replace the AAA in the code with that URL.
Finally, right-click the image, choose "Copy image URL", and paste it, replacing the BBB in the code. You will then have something like:
<img src="http://redgage-photos.s3.amazonaws.com/youruser/tattltuaei42.jpg" />

<a href="http://redgage.com/#rf:/photos/youruser/nice-photo.html"> http://redgage.com/#rf:/photos/youruser/nice-photo.html </a>

<meta http-equiv="REFRESH" content="0;url=http://redgage.com/#rf:/photos/youruser/nice-photo.html ">

Note: Obviously, you only use the img code if you upload an image!

Save your blog post. The end. You will now earn up to 10$ per day, depending on how many hours you leave Traffic Exchange in HitLeap on.

Repeat the steps 6 to 10 for more photos until you fill all your slots on HitLeap! You will now earn tons of money per day, with no more effort!

This method ensures traffic to RedGage appears to be coming from blogspot, and not from HitLeap directly, as this method employs redirects. As such, you'll never get banned, which could happen if RedGage would see that traffic came from HitLeap.
Remember that if you buy Premium membership at HitLeap for 7€ per month (8.5$) You will earn up to DOUBLE the money with this method!!
RedGage is 100% legit, and pays using a Visa card. After you reach 25$ they will mail you a Visa card where they load your payments. You can then use it like any card: to buy stuff at stores, to purchase online, or to deposit in a bank account.
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